Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Summit 3.5 Kenilworth 0.5

Tuesday, November 10
at West Orange

Summit 3.5 Kenilworth 0.5

Board 1
John Moldovan (K) 1/2-1/2 NM Vince Klemm (S)
A55 Old Indian Defense
Fianchetto Variation

White missed 29.g4!! +-
Notes to this game will follow!

Board 2
Yuvanshu Agarwal (S) 1-0 Dr. Richard Lewis (K)
A44 Old Benoni Defense

Board 3
Greg Tomkovich (K) 0-1 Donnally Miller (S)
D90 Gruenfeld Defense
(by transposition from the Exchange Slav)

Board 4
Lou Sturniolo (S) 1-0 Dr. Geoff McAuliffe (K)
C02 French Defense
Advance Variation
Milner-Barry Gambit

14...R-B1 was best but 15...B-B4 (instead of 15...B-K2?) was still clearly in Black's favor.

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