Friday, January 8, 2016

Upcoming Matches

Upcoming Matches:
Tuesday, January 26
Lehigh Valley at Rutgers
Tuesday, February 2
Dean Of Chess Academy at Rutgers
Kenilworth vs. Newark-McDonald's, at West Orange
West Orange vs. Summit, at West Orange
Tuesday, February 9
Hamilton vs. Lehigh Valley, at Stewartsville, NJ

Standings Update

Standings, as of January 8th:

McCormick Division
1. Summit 1-0-2, 2. Newark-McDonald's 1-0-2, 3. West Orange 0-0-3, 4. Kenilworth 0-2-1

Ferrero Division
1. Hamilton 2-1, 2. Rutgers 1-0-1, 3. Lehigh Valley 1-1, 4. DOCA Knights 0-2-1

Jan. 26 Tentative Date For LVCA-RU Match

January 26th is the tentative date for the postponed Lehigh Valley-Rutgers match.

Hamilton 2.5 DOCA Knights 1.5

On December 21st, Hamilton CC edged Dean of Chess Academy.

Here, courtesy of Doug Pecota, is the lineup card & results: