Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays

The Garden State Chess League wishes its teams, players and their supporters the happiest of holidays.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Annotated Game

I have annotated my victory over West Orange's Ari Minkov.

Replay and PGN links are given below the image.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Bergen Chess Mates Seeking Info

Bergen Chess Mates' VP Joe Pacella recently contacted the league about dues & the possibility of late-joining for the 2015-16 season.

Joe's inquiry has been forwarded to league President John Hagerty.

Lehigh Valley at Rutgers: Postponed

Tuesday's scheduled match between Lehigh Valley & Rutgers University was postponed.

The Lehigh Valley team was involved in a car accident while en route to NJ. Thankfully, Bruce Davis & his players are okay.

West Orange 2 Kenilworth 2

Thursday, December 3rd
at Kenilworth

West Orange 2 Kenilworth 2

Board 4
Greg Tomkovich (K, 1698) 1-0 Ed Trieste (W, 1515)
E12 Queen's Indian Defense

Kenilworth led 1-0.

 Board 3
Matt Boxer (W, 1918) 1-0 Dr. Richard Lewis (K, 1722)
Sicilian Defense
Closed System

Score tied 1-1.

 Board 1
LM Peter Radomskyj (W) 1-0 Jackson Hueckel (K, 2014)
King's Indian Defense
Fianchetto Variation

West Orange led 2-1.

Board 2
John Moldovan (K, 1837) 1-0 Ari Minkov (W, 1960)
B54 Sicilian Defense
(by transposition)

 Final score: 2-2.
 Notes to this game will follow at some point.

As in Tuesday's Newark-McDonald's-Summit match, White won all 4 games!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Newark-McDonald's 2 Summit 2

Tuesday, December 1
at West Orange

Newark-McDonald's 2 Summit 2

Board 3
Nathan Napper (N, 1883) 1-0 Max Weinstein (S, 1710)
C02 French Defense
 Advance Variation

Newark-McDonald's led 1-0.
Board 4
Lou Sturniolo (S, 1500) 1-0 Greg Shaw (N, 1350)
C02 French Defense
Advance Variation
Milner-Barry Gambit
 Score tied 1-1.
Board 1
Lev Zilbermintz (N, 2120) 1-0 NM Vince Klemm (S, 2059)
B07 Pribyl's Defense
(As shown. May have transposed subsequently.)

Newark led 2-1.

Board 2
Donnally Miller (S, 1687) 1-0 Sergio Flores (N, 2015)
B01 Scandinavian Defense

Match drawn 2-2.

Sergio Flores played board 2 for Newark, not Jeyson.