Sunday, September 25, 2011

Site Being Updated

This blog/site is in the process of being archived and updated. Some pages and files may be temporarily unavailable as they are moved about.

2011-12 Schedule Released

The GSCL schedule for 2011-12 has been released!

The season starts on October 4th in West Orange with Summit playing the new Newark/McDonald's team and West Orange facing Staten Island.

The opening round concludes on October 6th, in Kenilworth, with two-time defending champion Hamilton battling Chess Mates, expansionist Essex County College commencing vs. the Kortchnois and the DOCA Knights debuting against the Karpovs.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

GSCL Expands To 10 Teams

The Garden State Chess League is pleased to add teams from Essex County College and the Broad Street McDonald's in Newark.

A new schedule is being prepared with the West Orange CC as the default site for the new entries' home games.

Chess Mates To Play

On Monday, Chess Mates confirmed their participation for 2011-12.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Sparta will not field a team in 2011-12. Chess Mates is still undecided.

Minutes Of The Pre-Season Meeting

On September 1, 2011, the Garden State Chess League held its annual pre-season meeting.

Kevin Chen, Jose Fernandez, John Hagerty, Geoff McAuliffe (of the Kenilworth Kortchnois), Charles Miller, Ed Selling & John Moldovan (representing Summit and the Kenilworth Karpovs) attended.

Chess Mates and Sparta did not send representatives. Both teams have said their status for 2011-12 is undecided.

The Toms River CC expressed interest through a 3rd party (Lou Sturniolo) and was contacted by email & phone.

The following teams paid their dues and confirmed that they will play this season: DOCA Knights, Hamilton, Karpovs, Kortchnois, Staten Island, Summit and West Orange.

A September 25th deadline was set for Chess Mates, Sparta and Toms River, to confirm.

The attendees voted to play with the same rules as last season (including the 1900 rating average) and approved using the USCF's September 2011 Golden Database, to determine ratings.

A schedule was drafted using the table on page 296 of the USCF's Official Rules Of Chess (5th edition). The confirmed teams drew numbers from 1-7 and the undecided teams drew numbers from 8-10.