Friday, February 18, 2011

5th Round Games

3 games from this month's matches have been uploaded in java-replay & zipped PGN, including my disappointing D against Charles Miller.

Moldovan-C. Miller
after 13...Ng7

White to play
(& win?!)

Board Leaders

Board Scoring Leaders, through 5 rounds:

1st board:
1. Dragan Milovanovic, Hamilton 3.5 (+3-0=1)
1. Steve Stoyko, Karpovs 3.5 (+3-1=1)
3. Arthur Macaspac, Chess Mates 2.0 (+2-0=0)

2nd board:
1. Ian Mangion, Karpovs 3.0 (+2-0=2)
2. Richard Lewis, Kenilworth Kortchnois 2.5 (+2-0=1)
2. Ed Selling, Staten Island 2.5 (+2-0=1)

3rd board:
1. Max Sherer, Karpovs 4.5 (+4-0=1)
2. Glen Hart, Summit 2.5 (+2-0=1)
3. Donnally Miller, Summit 1.5 (+1-0=1)
3. Phil Hepler, Hamilton 1.5 (+0-1=3)

4th board:
1. Ed Sytnik, Hamilton 3.5 (+3-0=1)
2. Joe Demetrick, Karpovs 3.0 (+3-0=0)
3. Russ Avarella, Sparta 2.0, 2.5 or 3.0

Scoring Leaders

Individual Scoring Leaders, through 5 rounds:

1. Max Sherer, Karpovs 4.5 (+4-0=1)
2. Roger Pedersen, Chess Mates 4.0 (+3-0=2)
3. Dragan Milovanovic, Hamilton 3.5 (+3-0=1) 
3. Ed Sytnik, Hamilton 3.5 (+3-0=1)
3. Steve Stoyko, Karpovs 3.5 (+3-1=1)

Pages Updated

The standings, crosstables, schedule, results, rosters, ratings, individual scoring and team pages have been updated.

Games will follow later today and hopefully the board scoring will also.

Schedule Changes

Please note the following schedule changes:
  • Hamilton at Chess Mates has been switched from Friday 4/1 to Thursday 4/7.
  • West Orange vs. Kortchnois, originally scheduled for Tuesday 4/5 in W. Orange, has been changed to Thursday 4/7 at 8:00 p.m. in Kenilworth.
  • Chess Mates vs. Summit, slated for Friday 6/3 in Rahway, has been moved to Thursday 6/2 at 8:00 in Kenilworth.

Kenilworth Teams Tie

In the battle of Kenilworth, the Kortchnois held the league-leading Karpovs to a 2-2 draw, as Ted Mann and Dr. Richard Lewis offset wins by FM Steve Stoyko and Max Sherer. Black won all 4 of the games.

Next month, the 4-0-1 Karpovs visit West Orange while the 1-2-1 Kortchnois host the DOCA Knights. 

Hamilton Edges Summit 2.5-1.5

Hamilton received bookend wins from NM Dragan Milovanovic and Ed Sytnik, plus a draw from 2nd board Charles Miller in a 2.5-1.5 victory over Summit last night.

Donnally Miller's full point was the losers lone bright spot.

In March, 3-0-1 Hamilton plays winless Sparta. 1-3-1 Summit has the bye.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chess Mates & Staten Island Victorious

As reported by Roger Pedersen in a comment, Chess Mates defeated West Orange 3-1.

A big Roger and Ed for their help!

I will update the standings and other pages after tonight's Kortchnois-Karpovs and Summit-Hamilton matches.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The West Orange-Chess Mates and Sparta-Staten Island matches scheduled for February 1st were postponed due to the ice storm.

Sparta & Staten Island will play tonight. No replacement date has been set for W.O vs. Chess Mates.