Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lehigh Valley 3 Chess Mates 1

On December 11th, in Rahway, Lehigh Valley beat Chess Mates 3-1.

After Evan Betzenberger staked LV to a 1-0 lead and Guido Kampel tied the score, the odd-numbered boards, where the visitors' NM Matthew O'Brien and the hosts' Michael O'Connor held advantages, became the focus.

Both of the aforementioned stumbled and lost exchanges, however. In the end, Chess Mates' Kevin Dresher lost a winning pawn ending that would have drawn the match while Bruce Davis secured the clincher.

Along the wall (from front to back): O'Brien, Kevin Santo, Davis and Betzenberger of Lehigh Valley. Center row: Dresher, O'Connor and Ralph Warrick of Chess Mates. On the right: December G/90 participants Gabe Moreira and Lev Zibermintz observe.

For 3 of the 4 games, visit Bruce Davis' post.

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