Friday, October 25, 2013

Chess Mates-DOCA Update

There have been some developments regarding the postponed Chess Mates-DOCA Knights match since Thursday afternoon:

1. At 7:57 p.m., I proposed that Chess Mates forfeit board 4, because it sent just 3 players to Branchburg on October 8th, and suggested that the match be played at a neutral site.

2. At 8:20, DOCA captain Kevin Chen relayed that Chess Mates' board 2, Jennifer Acon had shown-up to play.

3. After learning that DOCA's corresponding player (a 1428-rated) was not present, I suggested that Kevin C. (1956) substitute, so as to not waste Jennifer's 2nd trip to Branchburg. He agreed to play.

4.  The Board 2 result was Chen 0-1 Acon.

5. The current match score, pending league affirmation, is Chess Mates 1 DOCA Knights 1, with boards 1 and 3 to be played at a later date.

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