Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Staten Island Withdraws

The ECC-Staten Island match will not be played tonight. Staten Island has withdrawn from the Garden State League because of the match's date and venue switch.


  1. ECC was looking to play Staten Island. However, going all the way over there is too far away. I spoke to the team and the Governing Regency Council. All are in agreement that West Orange is the best place to play.

    1. A team cannot unilaterally decide where and when to play and this, apparently, is the 2nd time Essex County College has done so.

      In my opinion, ECC-CM and ECC-SI should be ruled double-forfeits or un-played draws.

      I should have double-checked with Chess Mates and Staten Island about the re-scheduling but, due to various concerns - including the recent death of a close relative, was overwhelmed for an extended period.

  2. My sympathy John. I will tell you the date they switched it to was a very important day for me. In general we had a good time in the league until this year. Good luck in the future.
    Take care,