Friday, January 8, 2010

Karpovs 2 Summit 2

This was a very strange match with all 4 games taking unexpected turns.

Bob Sherry gave Summit a 1-0 lead by defeating Ian Mangion, who could have locked Sherry's dame out of play & enjoyed a decisive Q vs. B advantage on the rest of the board.

Next, Kenilworth's Mike Wojcio, who was a Rook-down for no compensation from the opening-on, sacked his other R to lure Raoul Bertorello into a stalemate!

John Moldovan then wasted 2 totally-won positions against Summit's Glen Hart & had to settle for a drawn, opposite Bishops ending.

Finally, the Karpovs' Steve Stoyko evened the score after being outplayed by & lost against Simon Thomson.

You can play through Stoyko's win & Moldovan's fully-annotated draw here or download the games.

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